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Experiencing God in the Supernatural stands in a very unique category of its own in that it depicts a new era of particularly skilled prophetic writing in which you will access both information and impartation that is life altering. It is designed to not only clearly articulate the world of the supernatural, but also activate the supernatural in your life causing you to actually experience the reality of what is being read. There are many who have already given testimonies of the God encounters experienced as a result of reading the earlier versions of the book, and you are next in line. Get ready as you explore a vast variety of God encounters as it ignites in you a hunger to develop a closer relationship with Jesus. If you are tired of hearing about everybody else’s supernatural encounter with God and you are ready for your own, this book is for you. As a result of much fasting, prayer, searching the scriptures, and a series of divine encounters; this book was compiled so that you can understand how much of God you could experience in this lifetime, why those experiences are important, and how they are available to everyone through Jesus.

Secrets of Prophetic Accuracy (Kindle Edition)

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