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Damita Haddon says, “...this book will put a demand on the call of God in your life and will awaken every gift that lays dormant...” Learning the Language of God is a strategic writing that will activate you in the prophetic anointing. Jonathan Ferguson writes Learning the Language of God as a unique resource, giving you access to teaching, devotionals, impartation, and practical application that will help you develop your relationship with the Lord and your ability to hear the voice of the Lord clearly. YOU WILL: - Learn what it means to learn the language of God and 4 things that will help in the process - Learn 5 ways to position yourself to “hear God” & MANY ways He can speak - Learn the biblical role of the Seer & embrace the “Seer’s” anointing - Distinguish between true and false prophetic discernment - Learn 4 things that will help to interpret dreams that are hard to understand - Learn why witnessing is important in becoming sharp & accurate prophetically - Learn & practice 15 different exercises that will sharpen you prophetically - Receive prophetic impartation in life - Get activated by utilizing over 60 devotional prayers along with scriptural references for meditation ...AND MUCH MORE!

Learning The Language of God (Kindle Edition)

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