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Undertaking the treatment to the prophetic today is a bold step. By now one would think that all or most of what can be said on the ministry has been said. But, that would be a mistake and Prophets 101 proves it. This book gives newcomers and trainers an excellent orientation to the prophetic. And, it is quite useful for those who want to refresh themselves on the ministry. Jonathan Ferguson has impressively delivered broad based teaching on prophets and the prophetic that immediately enlightens their spiritual and ministerial understanding. What every young prophet must know to get the grab hold of this ministry is in this book. Not only does he brilliantly capture its core attitudes and actions but he does so from highly impactful vantage points. 
Prophets 101 addresses the primary and essential ideas of prophetic service simply but profoundly. In it, Jonathan makes the prophetic’s most difficult and obscure theories graspable and doable. For example, the way he frames his insights on prophetic history, giftings, office, and mantle more than informs or instructs his readers, it equips them, which is the goal of all good writing. His approach gives prophetic trainers and educators who have the privilege of ushering new ministers into this ministry, whether to the gift or the office an effective tool to use to do so. Almost effortlessly they can adapt this work to their existing courses and use it as a main textbook. Also, this work will appeal to prophetic teachers who will find its easy to read yet richly articulated wisdom well suits their developmental ends. The book’s core knowledges prepare its readers for more advanced study of this subject. 
Lastly, Christians in general could read Prophets 101 and learn much from it. Many of them will discern it better equips them to judge prophetic service and value its advantage to the Lord and His church. Those who have dreaded or avoided the prophetic because of its lack of clarity can take comfort in the answers this book provides. For these reasons, the book serves as a guardian and guide to ministers and believers alike. As a result, those who honestly embrace its counsel will be more inclined to cooperate with the true prophets the Lord sends their way. 

I heartily commend Jonathan for the superb job he has done of effectively condensing the major ideas and functions of prophetic ministry and applaud the sobering way he illuminates the elementary but nonetheless invaluable principles of prophetic service and governance. Finally, his insightful tempering of its most attractive aspects with the awesome responsibilities that ensures its success. Congratulations Jonathan on a job well done and God bless you. 

Dr. Paula A. Price
Author of The Prophet’s Dictionary and 
The Prophets Handbook

Prophets: 101 (Kindle Edition)

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